Plans changed

Freitag, 03.03.2017

Hi everyone!


Sadly my internship got canceled. But I am happy to announce that I found a new place for my internship and this time it won´t change again. I am going to stay in Victoria BC for a four weeks internship starting July 31th. I will have the weekends off so if anyone feels like spending some time - I´ll be happy to see you.


These are my travelling plans so far:

I´ll be in Calgary July 15th to 21th. Then heading over to Vancouver for two days. I´m going to leave Vancouver July 23rd to travel the island and arrive in Victoria July 27th. There I plan to stay in the Ocean Islands Inn for the next 5 weeks.


See you sooooon!

Hey There! Calgarians! Come meet me at a reunion party!


Pure happiness

Mittwoch, 14.12.2016

Happy to announce that it finally got official tonight:

I´ll be back in Calgary July 12th next year for a 4 weeks internship at Jerilyn Wright and Associates Interior Design It had been such a long time of waiting for answers and hoping and guessing so I don´t really believe it.

Can you believe it had already been 4 years since my last stay at the hostel?

By the way:

Does anyone knows a place to stay for me downtown?

About how time was flying ....

Freitag, 18.12.2015

Immer wenn es Zeit wird zu gehn,
verpass ich den Moment und bleibe stehn,
das Herz sagt bleib,
der Kopf schreit geh,
Herz über Kopf!

I just realized today that I hadn´t been to Canada since 979 days.

And there are times when I feel empty, missing the freedom I felt during my time living at the City Centre Hostle Calgary for the most beautiful 2 month of my life.

But guess what?! I´m actually planning to come back. You might need to teach me some english again :-). I plan to come vback in August 2016.


Who is going to be there as well?




I´m back in Germany

Sonntag, 14.04.2013

... and I miss Canada like hell! Help! Could any Canadian please write me a letter, a mail or phone me! i need to speak some english sooo much!

How much that hurts. I miss you so much.