Berichte von 03/2017

Plans changed

Freitag, 03.03.2017

Hi everyone!


Sadly my internship got canceled. But I am happy to announce that I found a new place for my internship and this time it won´t change again. I am going to stay in Victoria BC for a four weeks internship starting July 31th. I will have the weekends off so if anyone feels like spending some time - I´ll be happy to see you.


These are my travelling plans so far:

I´ll be in Calgary July 15th to 21th. Then heading over to Vancouver for two days. I´m going to leave Vancouver July 23rd to travel the island and arrive in Victoria July 27th. There I plan to stay in the Ocean Islands Inn for the next 5 weeks.


See you sooooon!

Hey There! Calgarians! Come meet me at a reunion party!